Mickey Muennig: Dreams And Realizations For A Living Architecture November 19 2014

For generations the independent-minded local residents of Big Sur, California have staunchly protected their strip of land where the Santa Lucia Mountains abruptly meet the Pacific Ocean. Their conscientiousness in preserving the natural beauty of Big Sur, supported by the California Coastal Commission and local government, has resulted in limited development. Those structures that are built are done so with care and considerable thought about environmental impacts, resulting in awe-inspiring buildings  that blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Mickey Muennig: Dreams and Realizations for a Living Architecture (Gibbs Smith, $50.00, Hardcover, 12 x 10 in, 192 pages, 240 Color Photographs, May 2014, ISBN 978-1-4236-0070-1) celebrates one local architect’s vision for the area. The book features a foreword by Herb Greene, an essay by Alan Hess, and principal photography by Alan Weintraub.

This is the first monograph featuring the work of architect Mickey Muennig, an important proponent of organic architecture, who designed the renowned Post Ranch Inn, reconstructed Esalen baths, numerous homes, and other spaces. Muennig creates highly individualized structures and spaces that express the dreams and needs of his clients, while complementing the spectacular natural environment. He has designed buildings, most notably in the Big Sur area of California’s Central Coast, that blend with their surroundings, incorporate passive energy features, and utilize natural materials in original ways. He was ahead of his time in his incorporation of “green” features into his designs more than thirty years ago. Maintaining a daring balance between past and future, Muennig’s unique work captures the iconoclastic spirit of Big Sur.

Mickey Muennig studied architecture under Bruce Goff at the University of Oklahoma. Upon graduating, he worked on various architectural projects around the country until a fortuitous vacation to Big Sur on California’s Central Coast in 1971 changed his life forever. He subsequently moved there, and has lived and worked in Big Sur ever since. Muennig was recognized by Architectural Digest as one of the top 100 architects in the United States in 2000 and 2002.

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