Goff's Tulsa Club Sold September 30 2015 reports that the Bruce Goff-designed Tulsa Club building, which has had a tortured history of fires, vacancy, and vandalism, was recently sold to Tulsa-based Ross Group for $1.5 million. The new buyers have not expressed their plans for the building, but one can strongly hope it includes restoring it back to its former Art Deco splendor. More here.

Shuttered Tulsa Club Kept Up To Code August 19 2014

Tulsa World reports that despite being shuttered and up for sale, the Bruce Goff-designed Tulsa Club building (1927) is being kept up to city code enforcement standards, including more lighting, the addition of stairwell railings, repaired elevator doors and shafts, and the clearing of combustibles from the building. This is good to hear, especially since the Tulsa Club has been neglected for so long and the victim of fires in the past. Read more about it here.