Goff's Bachman House Sells April 22 2016

Curbed Chicago reports that Bruce Goff's remodel of the 1948 Myron Bachman House in Chicago, which listed in August 2014 for $599,000, has finally sold on April 8, 2016 for $408,000. Hopefully the new owner brings this unique work of MCM architecture back to its full glory. Read more here.

Ford House Listed On National Register March 23 2016

John H. Waters, AIA, LEED AP sends word that as of March 8, 2016 Bruce Goff's Ruth and Sam Ford House in Aurora, IL has been officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places at a national level of significance!

This is fantastic news and an important designation for both Organic Architecture and mid-century modern architecture. If you want to learn more about Goff's incomparable Ford House, be sure to pick up a copy of the special issue of the Friends of Kebyar Journal all about it here.

Goff's Hopewell Baptist Church Restoration Update March 04 2016

The Hopewell Heritage Foundation recently announced the selection of award-winning architect Hans E Butzer, AIA, and the firm of Butzer Architects and Urbanism (BAU) for Bruce Goff's Hopewell Baptist Church historic rehabilitation. Find out more and how you can help at the Foundation's new website.

Goff's Bachman House Back On The Market February 05 2016

Curbed Chicago reports that the Bruce Goff-designed Myron Bachman House came back to the market last month, cleaned-up and with a price cut from its original 2014 asking price of $599,000 to $475,000. The home needs some TLC, but it's an opportunity to own a very rare example of Goff's Chicago work and hopefully bring it back to its full glory. More here.

Modern Architecture & Art Pottery Exhibits In Tulsa November 19 2015

There are two new exhibits at the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum that are of interest to Friends of Kebyar: Oklahoma Earth: A History of Frankoma Pottery (through July 2016) charts the history of the storied pottery company in Sapulpa, OK with a connection to Bruce Goff's architecture. Designing Tulsa: Oil Capital Architects (through August 2016) features a series of artifacts from select local architects that tell the story of Tulsa’s past through the walls and decoration that adorn the city. A number of architects will be featured including: Arthur Atkinson, Robert Buchner, John Duncan Forsyth, Bruce Goff, Donald Honn, Blaine Imel, Joseph Koberling, Donald McCormick, Murray Jones Murray (Lee Murray, Robert L. Jones, David Murray), and Leon Senter. Follow the links above to get more info.

Bruce Goff: A Prodigy Of Design Born In Kansas October 29 2015

The Kansas City Star features a brief piece on architect Bruce Goff, who was born in Alton, Kansas. Accompanying the short article is a video highlighting Goff's Nicol House in Kansas City, MO. Read and watch more here.

The Fusion Of Art & Architecture: The Judaic Work Of Kenneth Treister October 27 2015

Paul U. sends a link to an event in Miami, FL where Kenneth Treister, architect and author of The Fusion of Art & Architecture: The Judaic Work of Kenneth Treister, will discuss the importance of uniting architecture and art to create sacred spaces. The event takes place 7pm on Monday, November 2, 2015 at Temple Israel located 137 NE 19th St, Miami, FL 33132. More details here. You can learn more about the work of Kenneth Triester in the Friends of Kebyar Journal #48.

A Look At Goff's Nicol House October 19 2015

The Kansas City Star recently featured an article on the Bruce Goff-designed Nicol House (1964) and the work undertaken by current owner Rod Parks to preserve the integrity of his home's original design. Read it and watch a video here.

Spotlighting Goff's Tula Theater October 16 2015

The Tulsa World reports that the organization responsible for the Spotlight Theater (formally known as Bruce Goff's Riverside Studio) has received the Oklahoma 2015 Governor’s Arts Award for their decades of effort in the arts. Read more here.

In Memoriam: Joniece Frank October 03 2015

Joniece Frank, daughter of Frankoma Pottery founders daughter of John and Grace Lee Frank, passed away Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at the age of 77-years-old. She lived with her sister, Donna, in the Bruce Goff-designed Frank House in Sapulpa, OK until her passing. Read more about her life and work here.

Goff's Tulsa Club Sold September 30 2015 reports that the Bruce Goff-designed Tulsa Club building, which has had a tortured history of fires, vacancy, and vandalism, was recently sold to Tulsa-based Ross Group for $1.5 million. The new buyers have not expressed their plans for the building, but one can strongly hope it includes restoring it back to its former Art Deco splendor. More here.

Help Support Goff's Riverside Studio Restoration August 07 2015

Scott Pendelton sends word that an important Bruce Goff work will be rehabilitated if the Tulsa City Council and voters approve funding. The 1929 Riverside Studio (today the Tulsa Spotlight Theatre) was one of Goff’s earliest designs. It opened just seven months before the Black Friday stock market crash that ushered in the Depression and eventually led to foreclosure on the original owner. The building was then empty or leased for almost a decade, during which time essential maintenance was neglected. Subsequent owners of limited means have attempted to keep the building functional, but now a total rehab is needed. No one alive today experienced the building in its original glory, thus it has always been more of a sad curiosity than a point of pride. Except for the impact of the Great Depression, this building would surely be THE iconic image associated with Tulsa.

The structure is quite sound. Full rehabilitation is possible. But for that to happen the current owners, the non-profit Tulsa Spotlighters, Inc. must convince Tulsa that the building is a valuable cultural asset of interest to potential visitors, and that Bruce Goff remains relevant. For more information and to find out how you can support the effort, please visit

Sooner Park Play Tower Paint Refresh July 17 2015

The Bruce Goff-designed (and newly-restored) Sooner Park Play Tower in Bartlesville, OK was closed Thursday (and will reopen Sunday) to let a group of local Eagle Scouts paint the concrete base. Read more here.

Goff's Youngstrom House For Sale July 14 2015

The Bruce Goff-designed Youngstrom House (1968) in Lake Quivira, KS is on the market for $599,000. Check out the listing and more photos here.

Comer Residence Gets Listed on the NRHP June 29 2015

Bruce Goff's 1957 Comer Residence in Dewey, OK has been recently placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Read more about it here.

Architect Joseph Henry Wythe Recalls His Role In WWII June 17 2015

The Bonner County Daily Bee recently featured Organic Architect and Bruce Goff student, Joseph Henry Wythe. In the article, he recalls his experiences as a tail gunner in World War II and how it subsequently shaped his life. Read it here.

Sensory Geometry: Coal, Rope, and Circles June 02 2015

Seattle area architecture enthusiasts will be interested in a lecture at the Frye Museum on Thursday June 4, 2015. The lecture by Sidney K. Robinson will consider Bruce Goff as an artist whose architecture, music, and paintings serve as stimulants to further creative work by those who engage his example. As a resident of the Ford house for nearly 30 years, Sidney K. Robinson is still learning to live a creative life as he daily enjoys the privilege of taking care of a major American architectural achievement, Bruce Goff's Ford house. More info here.

Goff's Freeman House For Sale May 09 2015

Bruce Goff's L.A.Freeman home in Joplin, Missouri (1959) has been listed for sale and it's the chance to own a stunning architecturally significant home on a beautiful piece of wooded property for the amazingly affordable price of $239,500. Check out the listing here.

Goff Riverside Studio Needs Your Help April 20 2015

The Bruce Goff-designed Riverside Studio (now known as the Tulsa Spotlight Theatre) in Tulsa, OK has been placed on Preservation Oklahoma's "15 Most Endangered List" and is in need of urgent rehabilitation. Read more about the history and donate to the restoration effort here.

We Don't Like Your House Either March 09 2015

A BBC documentary from 1984 was recently posted on YouTube by AA School Architecture titled, "We Don't Like Your House Either: The Architecture of Bruce Goff." It features the architect discussing his work, along with filmed footage of lost works like Shin'enKan and The Bavinger house. Watch it here.

Hopeful Signs At Goff's Hopewell Church February 05 2015

Zachary M. sends a link to a story in The Oklahoman that showcases the recently restored red earth-toned shingles and repainted silver steel trusses that frame the roof of the Bruce Goff-designed Hopewell Baptist Church (1951) in Oklahoma City. With the roof done, restoration work turns inward with structural repairs to support the auditorium floor. Read and see more here.

Watch Lyrical Geometry At Goff's Ford House January 16 2015

Here's a link to a YouTube video of the unique music and architecture event that was held at Bruce Goff’s historic Ford House in Aurora, IL on Saturday, November 8, 2014. Third Coast Percussion performed their own musical arrangements of architect Bruce Goff’s player piano compositions while Luftwerk created a dynamic lighting installation responding to the house and the music. The video doesn't quite substitute for experiencing the event firsthand, but it gives everyone an idea of what an amazing performance it was. Watch it here.

In Memoriam: Geraldine "Jerri" Bonebrake December 12 2014

Nelson B. passes along the sad news that Geraldine "Jerri" Bonebrake, executive secretary to architect Bruce Goff and long-time board member for the Friends of Kebyar, passed away Tuesday, December 8, 2014 at the age of 84. Read more about her life and legacy here.

Saving Goff's McGregor House December 10 2014

Nelson Brackin shares a link to an article on the efforts by Mark Sanders to restore Bruce Goff's McGregor House in Tulsa, OK. Mark learned of the home's pedigree originally in the Friends of Kebyar's Bruce Goff Oklahoma Guide. Learn more and become a member to the Bruce Goff organization here.