Friends of Kebyar

Friends of Kebyar is a non-profit corporation and an international network of people who advocate for the promotion and preservation of Organic Architecture, with an emphasis on the work and teachings of American architect, Bruce Alonzo Goff (1904-1982).

The organization’s mission is to promote the creative legacy of Bruce Goff, advance the tenets of Organic Architecture, and to bring attention to the works of original artists of meaning, integrity, and respect for the natural environment. The primary means of achieving these goals is through the publication of the Friends of Kebyar Journal and the establishment of a network of practitioners who embody Kebyar's mission.

"Kebyar" is a Balinese word literally meaning "the process of flowering." It also designates a style in Balinese music and art connoting strength and vigor. Bruce Goff chose "Kebyar" as the name for a school of creative arts and architecture he was planning at the time of his death.

Support the efforts to preserve, protect, and promote the legacy of Bruce Goff and Organic Architecture by becoming a subscriber to the Friends of Kebyar.

To order journals or become a subscriber via the mail, please send your check made out to "The Friends of Kebyar" to:

Friends of Kebyar
c/o Mike C. Brown
11 East Beverley Street, Suite 5
Staunton, VA 24401

Contact any of us for more information at our About Us page.