FOK BOOK :: Organic Architecture: Essence and Education

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One hundred years ago, architects were concerned with creating cities beautiful, and the profession was held in high esteem. Since then, vast areas of the country’s most productive farmlands have been destroyed by a drab and frenzied patina of ugly buildings, punctuated by an occasional “architectural” exploit. Almost all of these buildings are creations of design professionals.

Upon encountering a work of organic architecture, most people are delighted with the experience. They would be happy to exchange the dismal scenes they have always known for the wonders of an architecture that touches their souls.

Yet, relatively few people encounter organic architecture. Of these, many think it’s too expensive for them. However, a vast number of these projects have been built on modest or extremely tight budgets, so that excuse should be easy to repudiate. Since people like it when they see it, there is obviously a huge market for organic architecture, but the profession appears to be oblivious or incapable of delivering. What happened, and what can be done about it?

This book investigates the root causes of the problem, especially architectural education. No particular schools of architecture are identified, although many schools will find themselves a bit uncomfortable when some of their deficiencies are described herein.

Written by Joseph Henry Wythe. 192 pages softcover book. Images in black & white. Size 9" x 6."